Welcome to the Play Attention Certified Provider Program where we assist you in building and growing your practice!

As a business owner, you know there are a lot of challenges you face every day. And as professionals, we are often so focused on our clients and the services we provide, that we sometimes forget about the business side of things. Your job is your passion, but it is also your livelihood.

One of the biggest challenges we all face is TIME or rather the lack thereof! Have you ever said to yourself, “If I just had two more hours in a day”? Well, we have the solution!

With our Certified Provider Program we will assist you in maximizing your time allocation

You know the number of clients you can schedule per day is set and limited. This means that the amount of income you generate is also set and limited. How do we overcome this hurdle?

With our program you will be able to meet with more than one client at a time while still providing individualized attention and a customized program for each client.

Clients these days are hungry for information, data, and indicators of efficacy. You have to continuously feed them. To do this you need to:

  • Allocate time towards research and writing (time is already a rare commodity)
  • Hire a graphic designer (large expense)
  • Educate yourself in all marketing media platforms (the media platforms are never ending and constantly changing)
Where will you find the time?

Our program will provide you with newly designed, researched content on a regular basis in a ready-to-use format for most social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Even if you have the content, most professionals do not know how to then go out and market their business and themselves.

With our program we will provide you with continuous marketing training and support.

In addition, we offer three different options to choose from; Bronze, Silver, and Gold Play Attention Service Providers. Each has their own level of support, marketing materials, trainings etc. You are free to choose which option will best compliment your business.

  • Personalized administration materials such as professionally designed letterheads, logos, email signatures, videos etc.
  • Your business listed on the Play Attention website
  • Referrals from FOCUS – the developers of the FOCUS Assessment. An objective, scientific measurement of attention, processing speed, impulse control and the effect of visual and auditory distractions on a person’s ability to stay focused. You will also be able to assess your clients, even if they are 1000 miles away.
  • Access to trademark materials, specialized, professionally presented webinars, to which you can also invite your clients.
  • Access to professionally designed EBooks and EMagazines
  • Workshops - You will be provided with all the materials needed to present a specified workshop; the PowerPoint presentation, marketing material such as flyer designs and social media marketing advertisements, and training on the specific workshop topic. Yes, you read right, you will receive the full presentation; all you will need to do is prepare and present

How to become a Certified Provider

How to become a certified provider The first step is to book a FREE consult with one of our professional development team members. During this consult, we will tell you more about the Certified Provider Program, answer all your questions and discuss the three different program options in detail.

Just click on the “book your consult” button below to find a suitable time slot.

Please set aside about 45 minutes for the consult. Should you decide to become a Certified Provider, you will receive an email with a link that allows you to complete an application form and upload your resume or vitae. Once you are an approved Certified Provider the signing of the agreement and payment will be the next step.

Once all of these steps have been completed, you will start your training with your Certified Provider Coach. During this time you will also be given access to the online Certified Provider portal where all the branded, individualized materials are located for easy access and download. Four easy steps to becoming a Play Attention Certified Provider!

So what are you waiting for?