Paint The Perfect Picture

Art is a great way to express one’s feelings. There are many different mediums and endless possibilities. When a child has ADHD, they may have difficulty remaining on task, exhibit a lot of energy, or have so many thoughts at once. Art therapy is a great way to help understand how they approach problems and provide a way for them to communicate their inner thoughts and feelings. By giving the child the opportunity to explain their work, you are working on communication skills, problem-solving skills, and mental flexibility. Art is a great way to take a break from the screens, a great way to focus on the moment, and a great way to connect with yourself within. Try some of these art great tips and tips from Additude Magazine and unlock your creativity!

  1. Go to Art Galleries: This is a great way to introduce children to the many different styles of art. By exposing them to different styles and mediums, you are providing the child with different outlets to Coloringexpress themselves. Maybe painting is not their interest, give them the opportunity to try creating pottery or making jewelry. This is a great activity where you can check out a different type of gallery each month. 

  2. Start With A Blank Paper: This is a powerful therapy technique where you have all this space and how you fill it is up to you. It gives you the freedom to fully express yourself without any boundaries or expectations. It begins with the paper, but then you must look within. What will you use to create? What colors? Why? When you start to reflect inwardly, you can then convey what you are feeling on the paper. This is a great tool to explore ones’ self and creativity.

  3. Cameras At Our Fingertips: Creating art can be messy and costly depending on the materials. Try exploring the realm of digital art with your children. We can obviously use our phones to call and text, but allow them to explore with the camera feature. It is simple as point and click, but the art that can be created in different applications can be breathtaking. You don’t have to be a professional to have fun taking and editing pictures, and could provide your child with a new way to express their emotions. 

  4. The Big Questions: As your child creates and explores art, ask them the big questions? Why does that particular painting stand out to you? Why did this picture make you feel happy? What are you trying to convey in this picture? This is a great way to help them explain their feelings as they describe their artwork. 

Art can be more than just a painting or a gallery. It can be an experience, it can be a voice, and it can be a healing process. As you grow and develop creatively, you will be strengthening executive function, improving your ability to focus, practicing remaining on the task at hand, and creating art!

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