iLab License

Play Attention in a lab setting utilizing our iLab (Interactive Lab) version which allows up to a 1:50 teacher to student ratio.

For educational institutions, this means that one or two staff members can manage large classes to increase attention, memory, cognitive skills, and shape behavior. Staff members may be paraprofessionals or even parent volunteers making the iLab system highly cost effective.

For professionals, the iLab can mean greatly increasing your bottom line by providing you the opportunity to serve many clients simultaneously.

iLab's features a master monitor station where you can view student data in real-time.

You can select a student from the master monitor station and watch their game play in real-time. You see what they see as it happens. Want to rewind that current game? Simply press left arrow key on your keyboard and rewind game play. Just hover over a student's picture and you can see their real-time statistics.

Play Attention will even automatically flag students who need your immediate assistance.

You can watch your students' games in real time with iLab. You can even video conference with your student to monitor behavior or just provide encouragement. You can train many students in your lab in real-time.

You also have the power to train students who live thousands of miles away - just as if they were sitting right next to you! Real-time data. Real-time feedback. Real-time video. That's why iLab was voted best software of year 2032. It's that advanced. It's that powerful.

So call 800.788.6786 to find out how you can reach more students or increase your professional revenue.