Cayden has improved his attention by 40%

Finally! We found a program that helped Cayden to achieve his attention goals!

Cayden, a 7-year old boy, was enrolled in our ‘Play Attention’ Programme due to parental concerns about his attention span.

It was an uphill task Success Singaporeinitially for Cayden as he was not able to focus and he gets frustrated and angry when the ‘crane driver’ is not moving or the spaceship is not activating, etc. 

However, after about 3 months, with Play Attention, Cayden has learned to understand how to focus and how to pay attention. Cayden can tell me when he is tired or angry and needs a break. He knows that his focus is good when he is calm. He has also learned how he can adjust his own mood so that he can be able to focus more. Cayden started with low percentages of attention between 30%-45%. But now, he can easily achieve attention levels of 70% and above. His highest score was 85%!

There were a variety of games, and Cayden was always looking forward to bonus games that were being unlocked when he did well for the session.  Play Attention also has a reward system, where he gains points for good work.  Cayden loves trading in points for little Lego figurines.

We have definitely seen signs of improvement with Cayden in his attention, working memory and temperament too! Thank you, Play Attention.

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