Play Attention Success!

Many thousands of people use Play Attention across the globe.  We are always excited to speak with our Play Attention families and professionals to hear of their successes. We invite you to read these inspirational stories of hope, new found happiness, and success! We have launched this section on our website called Success Stories to provide a voice and face to real people making positive changes in their lives through Play Attention. Be certain to visit this page often as we will feature a new success story each month.

“Our son finally had a stellar focus at practice! Wow!”

My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. My husband and I had known our son was a wiggle worm and just always knew he couldn’t focus, but everyone would tell us that little boys were just active.

Later that year, I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD and it helped answer many questions about much of my life and career and many unanswered questions. We both went on medication after some time, but I was always seeking an alternative. I was seeking a way that my son could focus, be more socially adept as well as more coordinated in sports and physical activities.

We heard about Play Attention and that it could help my son to “focus” but as I looked more and more into the system, it answered many of the other concerns I had for my son. I started the program with little hope of seeing any immediate results.

Within a month, I was getting comments from his fencing coach who told me that he...

“I can think and communicate more clearly now.”

I met Ruth in June of 2016. Her daughter, Susan, had asked if I could help her 85 year old mother who had been Alzheimersdiagnosed with late stage Alzheimer’s. My first thought after meeting Ruth was, “This is definitely going to be a challenge.” The problems we faced were daunting; Ruth couldn’t communicate intelligently. She repeated things over and over. She had obsessive-compulsive behaviors, was verbally abusive to Susan, had severe Sun Downing, displayed socially unacceptable behaviors, and had total disregard for her appearance. Ruth had been an elementary school teacher, but she could no longer read, write, or do even basic math. She apparently had very little memory, attention, or comprehension left.

My program for Ruth was intensive at first. We worked five days a week for two hours a day. The protocol I used included physical exercises, basic education training, and Play Attention to...

“Play Attention has made a positive impact on both my professional and private life.”

I would like to share how Play Attention has made a positive impact on both my professional and private life. I amVinV a 55 year old digital marketer in a large software corporation, who is also an amateur classical pianist in private life. Play attention has already played an active role at home and work, improving areas where I had struggled previously throughout my life.

I was born with Tourette Syndrome and have also had to manage panic attacks, performance anxiety, poor reading comprehension and attention issues to name just a few. I’ve tried many different forms of treatment over the years for some or all of these conditions. Some have helped, most have not. Medications were certainly not the answer.
I was introduced to Play Attention through my bio-feedback psychologist, who specializes in brain technologies and treatments, and I was thoroughly intrigued by the data he showed me on...

“Thomas’ teachers have no concerns, and he loves middle school!”

I would like to share our story. I was first concerned about my son, Thomas, who seemed to have a lot ​of difficulty following more than one 1122162018 300x225instruction at a time, forgetting things all the time, having trouble sitting still and exhibiting other distracting behaviors in the classroom. I was especially worried about how things would go for him when he entered middle school with multiple teachers who may not have the ability or patience to deal with Thomas’ issues.

I already knew about a program in Oregon called “Help Eliminate Learning Problems”, but I was concerned about the need for visits to the school regularly and the amount of time it would take away from our normal routines. We tried parenting strategies such as Total Transformation and Love and Logic, but it was hard implementing all of the components. We tried a neurofeedback program that mapped Thomas’ brain and saw areas of...

“I can see a huge difference in Eretz’s self-esteem and ability to control his body. I am so proud of how far he has come!”

I started working with Eretz about 3 months ago. When I first met him, he had a difficult time staying in his chair Home Run 300x199and refraining from touching every part of my computer. Through the weeks we developed a very good relationship and I learned that almost every student in his class was getting a “home run” daily. A home run was a sign of a good day. When I met Eretz in May, he had only received one all year.

I learned that he was always in trouble with the teacher and always seemed to be singled out. After only 6 sessions Eretz started bringing home home runs! I could see the excitement in his eyes, and his mom was so proud of him. Before I knew it, he was getting home runs regularly. His mother asked him how he was able to earn so many home runs. He told her “I decided I was going to be good, I listened, helped, and raised my hand when I needed to talk”.

After his 10th Play Attention...

“Play Attention will allow me to know how to stay mentally active throughout my ‘golden’ years.”

Sam 300x214When I first found out about PLAY ATTENTION, I just turned 61 years old & had spent the previous 15 years (since being diagnosed in 2001) going thru books, counselors, EEG-feedback, coaching, & online programs / “therapy games” to address my issues enough to provide hopefulness that I’d be able to get a handle enough to operate in the “real world”, as a house-husband / cook /pet owner[2 dogs]/ & guitarist in community ensembles. After only limited & temporary benefits from those resources, I decided to try the PLAY ATTENTION program, especially after learning about the technological improvements over the previous neurofeedback sensors. It was gratifying to find out that the learning paradigms involved in the PA games, were effective in acquiring the coping skills that I needed to make my different “hats” much more easily worn, after more than 4 decades of undiagnosed...