Play Attention Success!

Many thousands of people use Play Attention across the globe.  We are always excited to speak with our Play Attention families and professionals to hear of their successes. We invite you to read these inspirational stories of hope, new found happiness, and success! We have launched this section on our website called Success Stories to provide a voice and face to real people making positive changes in their lives through Play Attention. Be certain to visit this page often as we will feature a new success story each month.

Sophia's Success Story.

5912Our 11 yr old daughter started using Play Attention 6 months ago. She has been diagnosed with a Non-Verbal Learning Disability. She has trouble staying focused. We have spent thousands on tutors trying to keep her up with her peers.

I heard about Play Attention from a friend who talked about the fact that it is changing how people with ADD/ADHD learn by using biofeedback. I was curious and looked into it. The online info session was very helpful. I was desperate to find something to help my child with her learning struggles. I was also intrigued that my husband and I could both use the program to help our ADD issues. I talked to my parents and said to them that this could be something I will regret I didn’t find out about earlier.

We decided better late than never. Sophia has done well with the program. Most to the time, I don’t have to nag her to do Play Attention. She likes the...

Winning and Achieving!

MotocrossMy son, Elijah, has been using the Play Attention programme now for around 5 months, and we have definitely seen an improvement in his concentration, behaviour and coping skills.

Elijah is currently in 3rd grade and has the same teacher now that he had in kindergarten. The teacher commented on how he is much more focused and less distracting to other children in class compared to when he was in Kindergarten. I did not tell her about the Play Attention programme until she commented on a considerable improvement she had noticed in the previous 2 weeks whilst I was talking to her. I then mentioned the programme and we concluded that the changes she had noticed in the past 2 weeks were due to Play Attention.

Elijah has issues with dealing with disappointment and frustration when things don’t go as he wants. I feel that the programme is helping him to overcome these issues over time...

Play Attention for Peak Performance Training!

AnjaAs the mom of a single child, I am very guilty of doing everything for my child, usually to my own demise.

We hated doing homework! Instead of giving my child the chance to do it on her own and in her own way, I did it for her.

I heard about the Study Methods course presented by the Play Attention Biolink Center, but I thought it is only for children struggling to learn; Alexja was a 90%+ student so she didn’t need it. How wrong was I!

In 2016, when Alexja was in Grade 5, I decided to enroll for the Study Methods course presented by Marlize from Biolink. It was a huge revelation for me and for my child.

There are so many amazing ways with which they can study and save time while doing their homework. So much more play time for my child in the afternoons.

After this course I distanced myself from homework and study time and allowed my child to do her summaries on her own. The...

How Play Attention helped Landon after suffering a concussion

With our son Landon, his journey started out a little more difficult than most. In addition to having ADHD, when he was 3 1/2 years old he fell down a flight of stairs and suffered a concussion. Due to his age, he had to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. The fall down the stairs had temporarily left Landon unable to walk, regress to bed-wetting and he forgot his colors. Thankfully when Landon's brain activity stabilized, he could walk again unassisted and go to the bathroom alone without accidents. Unfortunately, he had to relearn all of his colors. 

As time passed,  my husband and I noticed behavioral changes in Landon. He wasn't as happy as he used to be, he struggled with reading people's facial expressions, he was aggravated easily and he didn't listen to instructions or follow through without being confrontational. Upon taking him to the doctor, he was...

Play Attention is...one of my foundational tools.

Dr Pitkin 3I've used Play Attention for years in my business. I have a couple programs that I've used for a long time, but Play Attention is the longest and most consistent tool I have used since I've started my business. Play Attention addresses attention and the cognitive skills.

Since I started using Play Attention with my students, I have had students, under the care of their healthcare provider, that were able to either not increase their medication, stay on a low dose, or not be on medication at all.  One of my success stories is about a client, who was on medication.  He began  middle school. Many middle school and high school students don't want to take their medicine anymore. His parents decided that they wanted to try an alternative to his medication, and so he started training here at my business. His mom gave me a report that he's getting A's B's and C's without his...

Evan's Testimony

​​We began Play Attention with Evan in March of 2014.  Evan was 11 years old at the time and struggling with his ability to focus in school and extracurricular activities.  Evan’s grades were suffering, but more importantly, his inability to focus on everyday tasks was chipping away at his confidence as well.

What makes Evan’s success so great is how his ability to focus improved without the help of ADD medication.  As parents, we were concerned with the side effects of ADD medication because Evan has always been a picky eater and a common side effect of ADD medication is a loss of appetite.

Evan’s psychologist introduced us to biofeedback and Evan enjoyed the games he played at his weekly sessions, so we did some research online about “biofeedback and ADD” and came across Play Attention.

Not only is Play Attention a great biofeedback tool, their staff is amazing as...