Meet the Teacher

Your child is nervous about the first day of school. It’s normal and natural. We all want to establish a good relationship right from day one

It’s important that both you and your child have a positive relationship with the teacher. It’s a good idea to ask your child’s teacher if he/she would have a moment to meet with you before school begins. If time will not allow for this, write the teacher a personal letter.

Things to keep in mind for the meeting/letter:

  1. Keep it positive. You may have had...
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Short Exercise Routines to Manage Anxiety

162561 OVGRK9 196When you have ADHD, emotions can be more intense, harder to manage, and can get in the way of everyday life. Anxiety is one emotion that is often exacerbated by ADHD.  The National Resource Center on ADHD states that about 50% of adults and 30% of children with ADHD are also diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder. 

Scientists have shown evidence that physically active people have lower rates of anxiety. The effects may be temporary but taking short breaks throughout the day...

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Color me happy! Coloring can improve focus and decrease anxiety

coloringRemember when you were a child and you got a brand new box of crayons? Remember how happy and excited you were as you opened the box and saw all of those bright, beautiful colors?  Maybe it is time to start coloring again and relive that memory.  Your brain might thank you.
If you are looking for a simple, creative activity that will improve focus and decrease anxiety coloring may be for you.  Adult coloring has been trending lately but there may be more to it than...
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A Teen's Guide to Limiting Sugar for Improved Brain Function

cupcakeConsuming natural sugar in fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy gives us energy and can help improve your heart and brain health. However, eating and drinking too much added sugar can cause weight gain, hyperactivity, inattention, and poor memory. Psychology Today references two studies that explain why refined sugar causes cognitive deficits and memory loss.

Adolescents are the greatest consumers of high-energy, sugary junk foods and sweetened drinks.  This is a concern...

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