7 Exercises to reduce stress and calm the ADHD mind

runningStudies that compare physical exercise and psychological well-being show that exercise is a key component to emotional health. One study in Finland discovered that individuals who exercised 2-3 times a week experienced significantly less depression, anger, and stress than those exercising less frequently or not at all. They also found that those who exercised at least twice a week reported higher levels of sense of coherence and a stronger feeling of social integration.

Here are 7...

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The ADHD-ODD Connection

2018 06 11Ever find yourself wondering why your child with ADHD is sometimes aggressive, has emotional outbursts, or is constantly argumentative?  We know that there are behavioral issues associated with ADHD.  However, many parents have to deal with more severe discipline issues on a daily basis.  

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is a reported link between having ADHD and developing ODD. The correlation rate for being diagnosed with...

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3 Minerals that may improve symptoms of ADHD 

shoppingMagnesium has been shown to reduce hyperactivity in children in numerous studies. One study found that 72% of children with ADHD had lower levels of magnesium, and after being treated with a supplement, showed significant improvement in hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. Other articles have stated that magnesium has the potential to also help kids sleep better at night, relieve discomfort from sore muscles and growing pains, relieve constipation, and reduce anxiety.
Zinc has...
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What you can learn from a marshmallow!

- It will change your life!


marshmallwIt's an age old dilemma; we stare at a plate of chocolate chip cookies after eating just one. We know well that's all we should eat, but the impulse kicks in and we have another. And another. Science tells us how this lack of control will affect us long-term, and it's not just about your waistline.

Impulsive behaviors are often associated with children and adults with autism or ADHD. At times, they lack self-control. Impulsiveness is simply acting without...

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