Babies Born by Cesarean Section are 33% More Likely to be Diagnosed with Autism

New research has been recently reported in moms.com blog as well as Daily Mail regarding babies born by cesarean section.  It is reported that these babies have a higher chance of developing autism as well as ADHD.  Swedish researchers lead by Ph.D. student Tianyang Zhang, analyzed data from more than 20 million births in 19 different countries. During this study, it was found that 33% more babies were likely to be diagnosed with autism and 17% more were likely to be diagnosed with ADHD, compared to vaginal births. Newborn 1399193 640

Researchers suggest that the increase in these diagnoses may be associated with the fact that a baby born via c-section is not exposed to important bacteria located in the vaginal canal. This leads them to believe that this could impact the development of a baby's immune system and lead to potential autism and ADHD. However, other experts in the field...

Improve Your Attention Naturally. 3 Herbs You May Want to Try.

We can all benefit from improving our attention. Did you know that humans now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish? Medical Daily featured a study by Microsoft Corporation that found that the attention span of a human has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds within the past decade.

If you are struggling with ADHD, your ability to sustain your attention can be a constant challenge.  There have been many studies on how some natural supplements may help. ADDitude Magazine featured 3 types of natural herbs that have been found to improve ADHD related symptoms: 

Ginkgo and Ginseng

These two herbs are “cognitive activators” and can act like stimulant medication without the side effects. The results are reduced impulsivity and distractibility. One word of caution - Asian Ginseng can over-stimulate young children and you may want to try American Ginseng first.Ginseng Thailand 1164102 640


ADHD & Sleep Problems

ADHD affects many areas of our lives - from the attention required for school and the workplace to the emotional regulation needed to feel calm and centered. However, did you know ADHD can also affect your sleep?

WebMD's recent article, ADHD and Sleep Problems, discusses this topic. WebMD reviewed several different studies and shared some possible causes and tips Woman No Sleepthat may help.

One study discovered that 67% of people with ADHD found it hard to get a good night’s sleep.  The difficulties with sleep included both falling to sleep and staying asleep.  Scientists are continuing to study this link to find out exactly why this happens.

Here are some ways that ADHD can cause sleeplessness:

  • Trouble keeping a schedule
  • Hyperfocus on projects/tasks
  • Difficulty quieting or shutting off their mind
  • Stimulant medication
  • Too much caffeine

In addition to the...

How to Be Happy and ADHD. They Can Go Together!

Being diagnosed with ADHD, especially later in life, can be difficult. As we have grown into adulthood, we take on more responsibilities - financial, work, and family. For someone who has ADHD, these tasks can be difficult and quickly become overwhelming.  This can lead to depression and anxiety.

Being happy affects many facets of our lives.  Happiness affects our health, our productivity, and our ability to control emotions.  However, finding happiness Happy Dad And Daughtercan be difficult with the daily struggles of ADHD.

Recently, ADDitude Magazine reviewed this topic and provided 10 ADHD Self-Esteem Strategies, in their article by Geri Markel, PH.D., Unhappy People Are Rarely Productive People: ADHD Self-Esteem Strategies

Markel explains that happiness isn't a fixed state.  It is a continuous process with no single achievement. Additionally, no one failure makes you a...

Do You Get Enough of the "Sunshine Vitamin"? How Vitamin D Helps ADHD

We used to only associate Vitamin D with bone health.  However, we now know that Vitamin D plays a much larger role in our overall health.  Shutterstock 570151708

Vitamin D levels are commonly low in the general population due to the increased use of sunscreen since the 1980s. However, Vitamin D is essential to our mental and physical health. We have receptors in every tissue of the body for this vitamin and we need to maintain optimal levels to function at our best. It can help protect us against many illnesses, flu, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and more.  

Now there is evidence to suggest Vitamin D supplements may also reduce ADHD symptoms. A systematic review that was published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology looked at four randomized controlled trials (RCT’s) which included 256 ADHD children. The children that were taking Vitamin D supplements...

Time Management Tips to Help You Sleep

ADHD symptoms can make it difficult to get enough sleep every night. Science Daily reports that about 75% of children and adults with ADHD also struggle with sleep problems. One of these problems can be the inability to manage time effectively and “time blindness”. The first step to a well-rested day is to make certain you or your child have the opportunity to get 7-9 hours of rest each night.

Here are 5 time management tips to help you get more Zzzzz’s:Sleeping Woman

  1. Schedule sleep as an activity on your digital calendar with a reminder alarm so you go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.
  2. Don’t let time get away from you with technology-based distractions. Install distraction blocking apps like Anti-Social and SelfControl and keep your smartphone or tablet out of the bedroom.
  3. Give yourself a 30-minute buffer before your actual bedtime to allow for sleep rituals and winding down....