Memoirs of an ADHD Mom :: Menopause and ADHD

Adhd And MenopauseAs I opened the refrigerator and found my keys that have been missing for the last 3 hours, I thought... it's time to talk to someone. I think I am losing my mind.

Having lived with ADHD for 47 years, I am used to being confused, feeling overwhelmed, forgetting where I left things, struggling to keep up with the daily schedule. But lately, it seems to be getting worse. I still have all of these ADHD symptoms but they seem to be magnified. I am more confused than ever. I am so overwhelmed, I just feel like giving up and shutting down.

That's not like me. I always feel overwhelmed but I always persevere. I have been proud of the coping skills I have developed and the fact that even when things are difficult, I keep on going. I fight the good fight.

But today as I pull my cold keys from the fridge ... I just want to hide from it all. This is when I know it is time to talk to...

Back to school nutrition guide for maximum focus

The new school year is starting.  It’s time to get your child back to a regular schedule with a healthy diet for maximum focus and better behavior. However, even if you have the healthy part down, there may be food allergies that are making some ADHD symptoms worse. Studies have confirmed that elimination diets can improve attention, reduce hyperactivity, and calm oppositional behaviors in some children. Foods that have been found to cause ADHD reactions are:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Yeast
  • Wheat
  • Citrus
  • Corn (including corn starch and other corn products)
  • Nuts (including peanuts)
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Seafood
  • Artificial additives (this includes artificial flavor, color, sweeteners, and preservatives)
  • Meats that are cured (ingredients will list “nitrite” or “nitrate”)

The Elimination Diet Procedure:

Consider eliminating the above foods for up to 4 weeks to see if your child’s symptoms start...

Meet the Teacher

Your child is nervous about the first day of school. It’s normal and natural. We all want to establish a good relationship right from day one

It’s important that both you and your child have a positive relationship with the teacher. It’s a good idea to ask your child’s teacher if he/she would have a moment to meet with you before school begins. If time will not allow for this, write the teacher a personal letter.

Things to keep in mind for the meeting/letter:

  1. Keep it positive. You may have had some bad experiences in the past. Do not bring that experience with you. Start things on a positive note.
  2. Discuss your child's strengths. Often we are so keyed into discussing accommodations, social issues, etc. we forget that may children with ADHD have strengths that their peers may not. These could include being the classroom errand person to release some pent up energy, or wiping down...

Executive Function and School Success

2018 08 06When it comes to doing well in school, we must provide our students with the right tools for the job.  But how do you determine what your child needs in his toolbox? Do you find yourself wondering, “Why does my child continually to struggle and fail in school when he is so bright?”  He knows how to read, how to write, how to do math and yet cannot seem to keep up. What is your child missing in his toolbox?

Strong executive function may be the missing link.

As reported in Additude Magazine, “Up to 90 percent of kids with ADHD struggle with executive function challenges that impair goal-directed behavior.”

Think of executive function as capacities for self-control that allow us to sustain action in problem solving toward a goal. It is goal directed problem solving and goal directed persistence. Certain cognitive functions support executive function. They include attention...

Short Exercise Routines to Manage Anxiety

162561 OVGRK9 196When you have ADHD, emotions can be more intense, harder to manage, and can get in the way of everyday life. Anxiety is one emotion that is often exacerbated by ADHD.  The National Resource Center on ADHD states that about 50% of adults and 30% of children with ADHD are also diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder. 

Scientists have shown evidence that physically active people have lower rates of anxiety. The effects may be temporary but taking short breaks throughout the day for some physical activity can lead to lower stress levels. 

Here are some exercises you can do that only take 10-15 minutes:

  • Take a brisk walk outside so you can focus on your surroundings and get out of your head.  
  • Practice Yoga to encourage deep breathing and stretching which relieve muscle tension. Some specific poses to relieve anxiety are cat cow, child’s pose, standing...

How How to ease your child back into the school year sleep schedule

3829Children with ADHD can have a hard time adjusting to new routines.  Therefore, transitioning from the late, lazy mornings of summer to getting up early for school can be a challenge. If you fell off your regular sleep schedule this summer, here are some tips to help you get back on track and make certain your child gets enough sleep for a happier start to the new school year.

  • Start waking your child up a little earlier each morning and put them to bed a little earlier each night.
  • Give 30 minutes of downtime before lights out. Avoid electronic devices and find a calming activity like reading or listening to music.
  • Get back to your bed-time and morning routines. This includes when they eat, get dressed, brush their teeth, etc.
  • Make sure your child eats well and exercises daily. This will affect how quickly they fall asleep and for how long.
  • Avoid napping during the day. After...