Play Attention Success!

Many thousands of people use Play Attention across the globe.  We are always excited to speak with our Play Attention families and professionals to hear of their successes. We invite you to read these inspirational stories of hope, new found happiness, and success! We have launched this section on our website called Success Stories to provide a voice and face to real people making positive changes in their lives through Play Attention. Be certain to visit this page often as we will feature a new success story each month.

Cayden has improved his attention by 40%

Finally! We found a program that helped Cayden to achieve his attention goals!

Cayden, a 7-year old boy, was enrolled in our ‘Play Attention’ Programme due to parental concerns about his attention span.

It was an uphill task Success Singaporeinitially for Cayden as he was not able to focus and he gets frustrated and angry when the ‘crane driver’ is not moving or the spaceship is not activating, etc. 

However, after about 3 months, with Play Attention, Cayden has learned to understand how to focus and how to pay attention. Cayden can tell me when he is tired or angry and needs a break. He knows that his focus is good when he is calm. He has also learned how he can adjust his own mood so that he can be able to focus more. Cayden started with low percentages of attention between 30%-45%. But now, he can easily achieve attention levels of 70% and above. His highest score was 85%!

There were a...

New Success Story! Play Attention & Jordan's Superpower!

"Your child is mentally retarded!"
"He is smart but lacks focus, he is all over the place."
"We would love to help but can’t."
"I am not sure that I am treating the right thing, I think something is happening neurologically, he needs further testing before we can continue therapy!"
Jordan C 2
"I don’t think he belongs at this school, you need to find somewhere else for him."
These are just a few of the comments that I have had to endure as a parent for a son who is loving, intelligent and different. My son Jordan will soon be 12 years old. It is believed that he is on the Autism spectrum (tested), he has a tic disorder and ADHD as his extra super-power. So, what is a parent to do! After his ADHD diagnosis, we thought that once we could get the focus under control, there would be improvements in other areas, and we tried a number of...

"I really can't believe what it just did for my son!!!"

When trying to write down the success story of my 12-year-old son Sam, I really didn't know where to start!  Our road was so bumpy... from horrible temper tantrums to an almost nil communication stage, then onto speech therapy for 3 years, after which at around 7 years of age he started some verbal communication, though that was not so appropriate and not really a two-way thing.  Then there was the school phase, My Son Successwhere his impulsivity used to push him to say things which he didn't know the meaning himself.  These events of impulsiveness caused an unstoppable sequence of punishments at school, from sitting in the office during break almost every other day, to being banned from playing sports.

Every other day he used to come home from school with increasingly broken self-esteem.  People were not ready to understand the impulsive nature of his brain.  Instead, they...

Cognitive Improvement After a Stroke

I would like to share our experiences after my husband, Johan, completed 80 Play Attention sessions. 

Four years ago, my husband, Johan, suffered a stroke which affected his left arm and leg function as well as his speech. Two years after the stroke, we were in talks with a representative Couplefrom Play Attention who suggested we enroll him for sessions.

By this time, Johan had almost completely withdrawn from society and didn’t have much motivation left.  We decided to give Play Attention a try. After the first 40 sessions, we already saw great improvement! He was almost back to his old self!

After 80 sessions, Johan is now able to take part in conversations.  He has again taken an interest in what is going on around him.  He assists me in decision making and makes suggestions when the situation requires it.  He even helps with small tasks around the house...

My son went from homework & focus troubles to A honor roll

IMG 6826Our journey with Play Attention began in the summer of 2018 when I was searching for a solution for my son.  Because of a blood infection at birth, he suffered some physical setbacks and some mental ones which seemed to be unexplainable, even by experts.  We knew that his memory was not working correctly, but no one seemed to know how to fix it as test results were too varied. 

I discovered Play Attention while watching many webinars on executive function and memory skills, and then contacted my boss.  I work at a small, private, Christian school and we were looking to start up a Resource Room for our students with special learning needs.  She gave me permission to buy Play Attention, and Bryan was my “guinea pig.”  

He’d come to school during the summer hours and I’d watch him do the activities.  At first, he could barely make it through the...

No more homework meltdowns.

All of our clients are assigned a Personal Executive Function Coach.  This is one dad's reply to his Personal EF Coach who was following up to see how his daughter was progressing: Doing Homework

Hello Mike,

It’s interesting that I just took this picture on Monday with thoughts of sending it to you.

As I say, we can’t always be sure what makes changes happen that seem dramatic, but you can’t ignore things either.  This is a picture of our daughter in the early morning, eating breakfast, and working on her homework that we didn't have time to do the night before.

At the beginning of this school year, every time I broached the subject each day, I experienced her meltdown at just the word 'homework.'  For her doing this completely on her own really brought a tear to my eye.  She still has a long way to go, but I am now reading 'Delivered from Distraction' and it...