At Home EF Activities

#8 Executive Function @ Home Activity

All Ages
Traditional Children Games (No Equipment Required)
Areas developed: Attention, Processing Speed, Auditory Processing, Impulse Control, Motor Skills, Communication

"Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose!"

"Mother, May I Take 2 Little Steps?"

"Simon Says, Tap Your Head!"

"Red Light! Green Light!"


Do these phrases bring you back to your childhood? It's time to play these games again. Although they seem very simple and silly, they are actually great activities to develop executive function.

Just think of all the cognitive skills that are required to play Simon Says. You have to pay attention to Simon, process what is said, remember the verbal instructions, control your impulsivity, and use your motor skills.

Get the whole family together and play Simon Says today. No matter how old you are, this can be a fun game for all! You can all take turns giving instructions as "Simon". When you are the designated Simon you will also be practicing your communication skills.

Simon Says, Go Play!