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Executive Function / Cognitive Games

Attention Stamina

You're about to embark on an undersea adventure where you control the action with your mind.  Not only is it fun, but it will teach you how to pay attention for longer and longer periods of time.  This will make listening to your teacher or boss easier, and long assignments not so long.

The objective for all games in Attention Stamina is to pay full attention to the screen character of your choice.  You can make you character swim to the ocean bottom with your attention alone.

Attention stamina beginner, intermediate, and advanced end in 5, 6. & 7 minutes respectively.

When you select Attention Stamina from the Main Menu, the menu will display four characters.  The first thing you'll need to do is choose what character you want.  You have a choice between a playful dolphin, a courageous diver, a sturdy submarine, or a huggable whale. Click on your character to begin playing.

Let's say you chose the dolphin.  What you'll see next is a screen exactly like the picture below.  Notice how colorful the ocean is?  Yes, it's nice to look at, but you want to keep your eyes on the dolphin.  Remember, you are going to be able to control the dolphin with your mind, and in order to do that, you must always look at him.

Once the game begins, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and just try to relax.  Concentrate on the dolphin as if nothing else in the world exists, and what you'll notice is that he starts to swim lower.  You see, your focus is moving him down, and down is where a dolphin wants to be.  The more attention you pay to him, the lower he will swim until he's all the way down at the bottom.

Once he's gliding along the bottom, you'll earn five points from treasure chests the dolphin discovers as he swims.  Each chest contains a shiny gold coin like the one you see in the picture below.

But you can only get the coins if the dolphin stays low, so really try and concentrate on him to keep him close to the bottom.

Now, if you become distracted, or start day dreaming, the dolphin will start to float back up and away from the treasure chests.  This is a good way to know how focused you are. If he's low, you're paying lots of attention.  If he's high, not so much.

The dolphin will continue to swim for five minutes, but don't worry if you can't keep him at the bottom the whole time at first.  Like anything, this takes practice, so just try and keep him there as long as you can.  Then the next time you play, try to go just a little more.  In this way you can build up your mind power a little at a time.

Once you've mastered Diver Beginner, it's time to go on to Diver Intermediate.  Intermediate is a little harder because we have a new friend to play with: Mr. Octopus.  You'll still want to try and keep your dolphin near the bottom where he can get coins, but you'll also want to be on the lookout for a sneaky red octopus that will try and bump you if you're not careful.  As soon as you see the octopus, hit the space bar on your keyboard one time.  This will tell the octopus to back off and just let you swim in peace!

The main things to remember are still the same in Intermediate as they were in Beginner.  If you start to feel frustrated, or are having trouble, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Keep your eyes on the dolphin, and really try and concentrate only on his swim through the ocean.  Again, the lower he goes the better.  You get five points for successfully hitting the space bar to make the Octopus back off.  If, however, the Octopus hits you, you lose five points.

Once you've mastered Diver Intermediate, it's time to go on to Diver Advanced.  In Diver Advanced you are still trying to stay focused on the selected character so it will swim low and get its coins.  You are still trying to avoid the sneaky octopus from bumping you.  But now we have yet another friend to play with, and this can be any one of the four characters you have to choose from at the beginning.  While you're focusing on your character, every once in a while another character will swim at you.  Since it's never fun to bump heads, you must hit the space bar to dodge the other character.  It's a lot like telling the octopus to back off, except now the character is coming from in front of you as well as from below.  You get five points added to your score for dodging the character, or five points taken away for a collision.