Executive Function / Cognitive Games

Social Skills

The Play Attention Social Skills exercise strengthens an individual's ability to recognize and respond to facial expressions, body language, and auditory cues associated with emotion.

You use your attention to expose a picture of a person. Once it is fully revealed, you'll be asked, "which word best describes the picture?  Click on the word you think best describes the person's facial expression.

On Intermediate, you're also presented with a picture of a person, but instead of clicking on the word that best describes it, you will click on one of three corresponding pictures; in effect, matching the facial expression from your main person to the facial expression of one of the others.

On Advanced, there is no main picture, but instead a verbal expression of emotion that you listen to, and then match to the pictured facial expression it most closely resembles.
Remember that in all skill options, you must be focused to the best of your ability for pictures to appear.