Executive Function / Cognitive Games

Spatial Memory

Play Attention's Spatial Memory exercise develops your ability to remember where objects are hidden. This is very similar to remembering where you left your keys or homework!

Spatial Memory Beginner presents you with 16 cards. To begin, pick a card by clicking on it one time with your mouse, then focus to reveal what's on the card. You will then be instructed to pick a match.

Click on another card.

If it is the same as the first card you picked, you have successfully "match" them, and both cards will stay revealed. If, however, the cards are different, they will become hidden again.

There are two of each card for a total of 8 matches, and your objective is to match all of the cards using your ability to remember where each card is located in relation to all of the others.

On Intermediate, there are 20 cards, and thus 10 matches to make.

On Advanced, there are 36 cards, and thus 18 matches to make.

Remember that after clicking any given card, you have to stay focused for it to be revealed.