Answers: Educator Questions

Will it take extra school personnel to manage this system? How are other schools managing the program?

It is very easy to learn how to be a Play Attention coach. Every school manages the program differently depending on its staff. Schools have trained special education teachers, regular classroom teachers, teacher assistants, guidance counselors, school psychologists, parent volunteers, etc. Unique Logic & Technology can assist you in scheduling your program. Call 800-788-6786 for more information.

Can we put the software on our school's network?

Yes. The software is networkable, but you must remember that each station must have a separate BodyWave armband and interface box to use the software. It is not recommended for use with Windows NT.

Do we have to begin at the beginning of the school year? What happens during summer break?

It is not imperative that training begins at the beginning of the school year. It is recommended that the user begin early enough to insure that retention of initially learned skills is maintained over the summer break. This is usually in the area of ten hours training. Many schools offer a special summer training period to continue the learning process. If Play Attention is purchased during the end of the school year, summer break is a very good time for the coaches to obtain initial training with Play Attention to insure a successful start in the fall.

Are supplemental materials available for parental/teacher strategies?

A full supplemental program for teachers and parents is available through Unique Logic & Technology. It is essential that parents and teachers reinforce Play Attention training.