Answers: Health Questions

Does my child have to be diagnosed ADD/ADHD?

No. Play Attention can work for anyone who wishes to improve attention.

Can my child/student be on medication and use Play Attention?

Play Attention is an educational learning tool that teaches the skills that medication cannot teach. It is not meant as a substitute for medication. Consult your physician about medical issues.

Can I take my child off medication after he/she has used Play Attention?

Any medical decisions should be made by you and your physician.

Is there any risk in using this product?

There is no greater risk in using this product than in using a telephone.

Can someone abuse or over-use Play Attention?

It is not possible to over-use Play Attention. However, it is recommended that the user follows directions for use provided with the product as safety guidelines.

Are there side effects?

Play Attention does not have side effects.