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Play Attention has been empowering minds since 1994.

  • The company that invented Play Attention began in 1994 (Unique Logic and Technology).
  • The company's founder, Peter Freer, invented the neurotechnology that Play Attention uses today.
  • Freer has been granted 7 patents with others pending in the field of neurotechnology.
  • Freer pioneered neurotechnology for home use.
  • Freer invented the genre termed 'neurocognitive training'.
  • Neorocognitive training integrates neurotraining with cognitive skill training to improve executive function.
  • Behavior shaping was added to the neurotraining to enhance the self-regulation component.
  • Freer also integrated a variety of training activities now used in Play Attention.
  • The patents are listed on our website and can be found online.
  • Thus, Play Attention has been in the field of neurocognitive training, having invented it, since 1994.