Do You Outgrow Your ADHD

It was once thought by professionals and parents alike that children and teens affected by ADHD would eventually grow out of the disorder. Even the former name of ADHD, “hyperkinetic disorder of childhood,” gave the impression that this was an age-limited condition. But by the mid-1990s, we understood that the majority of children diagnosed with ADHD would continue to experience ADHD symptoms well into adulthood.

Resource: CHADD


front view mother playing home with her daughterAs stated in Child Mind Institute, “ADHD symptoms...

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Nutrition & ADHD

nutritionHow diet influences attention and executive function
"...children on this typical American diet are seven times more likely to have ADHD"

Nutrition can play a crucial role in mitigating attention problems and increasing executive function. Contrarily, a poor diet can often lead to a vicious cycle of poor decision making and poor planning. 

The common American diet is high fat, high sodium, and high carbohydrate. American children and adults often skip breakfast and often eat at fast food...

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Is it OCD? ADHD? Or Both?

female twinsIt used to be thought that ADHD typically existed solely on its own. However, as reported by Additude Magazine, “We now know that 50 percent of people with ADHD also suffer from one or more additional conditions, referred to as a comorbidity.”

Most commonly, ADHD comorbidities include anxiety, learning disabilities, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), executive function difficulties, and depression.

Healthline reports another condition that often coexists with ADHD - Obsessive Compulsive...

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New Study: College Students with ADHD Are More Likely to Experience Significant Challenges

diversity students graduation success celebration conceptIt’s an exciting time for many graduating high school students as they plan their new beginnings at University.  All parents worry whether their child is ready for this transition, but if you are a parent of a child with ADHD you may have even greater concerns.

A new 4 year study that tracked more than 400 college students found that students with ADHD do experience significant challenges. 

Lead researcher, George DuPaul, professor of school psychology and associate dean for...

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