Work It Out: Exercise As A Natural Remedy!

Exercise is a proven way to train one’s body and mind. There are so many health benefits from exercise that people everywhere are starting to incorporate it into their daily habits. People are monitoring their sleeping and walking habits through smart devices, trying out different healthy food trends, and even waking up early for the occasional yoga class. Our bodies and minds only get stronger when exercise becomes a priority. Exercise is also able to help those that experience ADHD symptoms. When we exercise, our executive functions are activated. It helps us remain focused and stay in the moment. Executive functions include attention stamina, planning, organizing and much more! Make your cognitive health and exercising a priority. Try some of these great tips and tips from Additude Magazine and get active: Kids exercise weights sm f0bbd

  1. Weekly Green Time: Going for a walk in nature, near a creek, or at your neighborhood park to get some active outdoor time. Being in nature allows for one to focus on the now and what they are currently experiencing. 
  2. Aerobic Exercises: Aerobic exercises such as a brief walk or run helps raise one’s heart rates and helps activate our executive function skill set. 
  3. Team Sports: Playing team sports such as soccer, basketball or volleyball is a great way to get active and be social. Having teammates can help push you to new heights, and allow for one to practice their skills in social situations. 

Exercising is a great natural way to help children and adults with ADHD. It helps you not only to prioritize your physical health but also allows you to strengthen your cognitive abilities.

Develop a complete training plan that incorporates a healthy lifestyle along with Play Attention. Play Attention trains executive function and helps mitigate your ADHD symptoms. It is a customized program that will improve attention, behavior, and executive function.

Contact one of our specialists today to get a customized training plan specifically for you, your clients, or your child.