How to Be Happy and ADHD. They Can Go Together!

Being diagnosed with ADHD, especially later in life, can be difficult. As we have grown into adulthood, we take on more responsibilities - financial, work, and family. For someone who has ADHD, these tasks can be difficult and quickly become overwhelming.  This can lead to depression and anxiety.

Being happy affects many facets of our lives.  Happiness affects our health, our productivity, and our ability to control emotions.  However, finding happiness happy dad and daughtercan be difficult with the daily struggles of ADHD.

Recently, ADDitude Magazine reviewed this topic and provided 10 ADHD Self-Esteem Strategies, in their article by Geri Markel, PH.D., Unhappy People Are Rarely Productive People: ADHD Self-Esteem Strategies

Markel explains that happiness isn't a fixed state.  It is a continuous process with no single achievement. Additionally, no one failure makes you a loser.  We have to give ourselves the grace to make mistakes and to move past them, to develop balanced decision-making, and to develop strategies to handle the challenges of life with ADHD.

The following are strategies that you can use to find more happiness:

  • Remember that you have a challenge, NOT a character disorder. Learn self-management strategies from understanding your strengths and learn skills to overcome your ADHD weaknesses. This helps lower your stress and increases your motivation.
  • Discuss your ADHD symptoms and your desire for happiness. What are your goals? Now imagine being happier. What do you see? Are your goals realistic? Reflect on past successes and disappointments.  Did you learn any lessons here? What steps can help you control your procrastination?
  • Understand your default reactions to a challenge. Are you an all or nothing person? Are you struggling with perfectionism or impulsivity which can hinder your progress? Here is where you by-pass those unproductive reactions and move to proactive prevention.
  • Be your own best friend. Develop a plan to take care of your body AND your mind!
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Prepare for ups and downs. This is what ADHD brings. Do not dwell on failure.  Pick yourself up and focus on more positive and productive actions/thoughts.
  • Expect the bar to rise to attain ongoing excellence. For us to be successful long term, we must continue to challenge ourselves.
  • Develop a team/support system.
  • Reach out. Focus on unplugging from technology and take time for family and friends.
  • Use proven strategies to relax or solve problems through visualization and positive self-talk.

It's time to focus on yourself.  Take the time to develop the skills you need for improved executive function and self-regulation.  We can customize a Play Attention program that will help you be more focused, productive, organized, mindful, and successful.  We can help you on your path to happiness with ADHD.  Call 800-788-6786 or click here for your FREE ADHD assessment and consultation.