Why am I always late?

Many individuals with ADHD struggle with time management.  Time management issues may arise because you get stuck on a task, lose track of time, or simply get distracted.  An article in PsychCentral provides 5 tips on how to better manage your time if you have ADHD.late

Natalia van Rikxoort, MSW, ACC, the author of the article discusses that ADHDers experience “time insensitivity” or “time blindness”. This means they struggle with gauging the passage of time which often results in chronic lateness or missed deadlines.  This can lead to underdelivering on personal and professional commitments.

Rikxoort provides the following time management strategies:

  • Make your time visible- you must develop an awareness of time, in general, using clocks, calendars, and timers. Keep clocks in every room including the bathroom to help you be mindful of the time throughout your day. Additionally, using timers can also be helpful to ensure you don't spend too much time on one task.
  • The time it and use the Rule of 3-The rule of three is used when you are unsure how long to allow for a certain task or project. Give yourself triple the amount of time you THINK you will need. So, if you think it will take 5 minutes, give yourself 15 minutes. For daily tasks you can time yourself doing them, so you have a better idea of how long they take.
  • Focus on departure time, not arrival time-This takes your focus off when you will get there and turn your attention to the time needed to get where you are going. This helps you avoid doing one more thing before you leave.
  • Allow time for transitions-These parts of our daily routines often gets forgotten. Transitions are the time it takes you to walk from your house to your car, the parking lot at work to your office, etc. Transitions require time and must be accounted for when you are planning your day.
  • Beware of hyperfocus- Hyperfocus is the state of intense focus and engagement during which time is quickly getting aware of you. Individuals with ADHD are more prone to hyperfocus especially on things that are interesting to them or excite them. Be aware of the tasks/activities that cause you to hyperfocus.

Time management issues often stem from weak executive function.  People with ADHD or weak executive function often procrastinate, have difficulty transitioning from one task to another, and struggle to focus on what is important while filtering distractions.

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