Back to School Tip #1

Transitioning from the lazy days of summer to a new school year can be challenging for all children but especially for children with ADHD.  The anticipation and unfamiliarity of a new building, new friends, and new teachers can all lead to lots of anxiety.  tour the school

Tour the school:

Take a trip to the school with your child before it officially starts. Look for your child’s new homeroom, some of the classrooms he’ll be in, his locker section, and even the restrooms. You can even make a map as you go along. Remind your child that it will look a little different when it’s filled with other children. Familiarity usually reduces anxiety for both your child and you! 

When you get home have your child tell a sibling or a neighbor about your trip to the school.  Have him describe the school and ask him to describe some of the things he is excited about now that he has gone on the tour.