Quick Snacks That Provide a Powerful Brain Boost!

If you need a quick snack with a brain boost, you may want to reach for something with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. A double blind study from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that symptoms of ADHD (inattentive type) improved in 35% of their participants after taking supplements with Omega 3/6 fatty acids. Quick snacks that contain these healthy fats are:

It only takes 5-10 minutes to boil eggs.  (Did you know that you can even make them in your air fryer?)  Keep in the fridge to grab and go!brain boost food

You can buy without the shells so can grab a handful anytime. They are also a great addition to fruit or vegetable salads.

You can eat seaweed raw or dried. Dried seaweed snacks are readily available, or you can pick-up some sushi to get your fill of seaweed and other foods with healthy fats like salmon and avocado.

Soybeans in the raw are an efficient way to get Omega-3 proteins. Soy is available in many processed foods as alternatives to meat for vegetarians, however, it’s best to avoid processed foods and go for the natural option. You can make a tasty snack of Edamame in 5 minutes. Click here for quick-cooking suggestions.

We put spinach on this list because you can easily add it to your sandwich, salad, smoothie, pasta, eggs, and soups. This leafy green has a mild flavor with a hearty helping of Omega-3s.

Another nut that is high in Omega-3 and easy to buy packaged and ready to eat. One study showed that cashews also reduce blood pressure and raise “good” cholesterol levels.

Review more on these types of snacks in articles from ADDitudeMag.com and Unlockfood.ca. Some of these foods may cause an allergic reaction. If you have not had one of these foods before consult with your doctor to determine if they are safe for you.

A healthy lifestyle helps manage ADHD symptoms. You can also spark neuroplasticity in the brain and improve executive function through neurocognitive training. Play Attention is the only program that offers Neurotechnology, Cognitive Training, and Behavior Shaping. Call 800-788-6786 for a free consultation and customized training plan.