5 Ways Reading Before Bed Can Help You Sleep.

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Is your busy ADHD brain causing you to lose sleep? 

You have done everything correct leading up to your bedtime. You have a consistent routine, good sleep hygiene, a dark room, and you even unplugged yourreading in bed electronics.  However, when your head hits the pillow your brain is still racing and keeping you from falling asleep. If you have ADHD this is likely to be something you experience.  You are not alone.

One way you can relax the mind and get more sleep is by reading. Reading can be a great workout for your brain.  It may even help you quiet that mental chatter.

Here are 5 reasons why reading will help you fall asleep faster:

  1. Reduces stress levels
    Research from the
    University of Sussex found that reading before bedtime can reduce stress levels by 68%. Reading was found to be the best method for falling asleep faster versus listening to music, exercise, or drinking a hot beverage.

  2. Helps you avoid screen time
    Bright lights from your TV, smartphone, or tablet can prevent the production of the hormone Melatonin which regulates our sleep-wake cycles. Select a printed book for better sleep instead of reading on a bright screen.

  3. Encourages a bedtime routine
    Sleep experts advise that a good, consistent bedtime routine informs the brain when it is time to sleep. If you start reading before bedtime, make certain to stay consistent, even if you only read for 10 minutes. 

  4. Quiets the racing mind
    Rather than thinking about your stressful day, you are more likely to process the story you just read before bed. You might want to avoid thrillers.  Read pleasant or educational literature.  

  5. Promotes muscle relaxation
    Your body is in constant movement throughout the day. Depending on your daily activities and profession, this can sometimes create muscle tension. Get comfortable in your reading space and let your body relax and recuperate,  This can help you get quality sleep.

Reading might not be an instant sleep aid for everyone but it is worth a try! You may need to try different kinds of literature before finding what works best for you. Reading is a low-cost activity and you can even borrow books from your local library for free!

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