Did Cookie Monster have ADHD?

Poor diet & ADHD. Is there a link?


Is it possible that a poor diet can cause ADHD? The short answer seems to be, no. However, recent cookie monster 2results from a study featured at MedicalXpress.com showed that children with ADHD are more likely to have a poor diet. 


The article states, “Researchers found that more ADHD symptoms at age 6 years were associated with a lower diet quality score at age 8 years. However, diet quality at age 8 years was not associated with ADHD symptoms at age 10 years”. The study reviewed the correlation between ADHD symptoms and dietary patterns in 3,360 school-aged children.


"If our results are replicated, health care professionals working with children with ADHD should be aware of the potential risk for these children to develop unhealthy diets," the authors write.


If your ADHD child does not gravitate towards healthy foods, you may be able to supplement their nutritional needs with a multi-vitamin and supplements. First, check with your pediatrician to determine whether there are vitamin and mineral deficiencies so you can make an informed decision about which supplements are truly necessary. A report by the CDC shows that nutrient deficiencies are actually pretty rare among people living in the US. You can review an informative guide about which vitamins and minerals are most helpful for managing ADHD symptoms at ADDitudemag.com.


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