Why Your Child Should Have More Play Time

Many parents want to know if they can prevent their children from developing ADHD or are they born with a predisposal to the diagnosis. Researchers have not found a concrete answer but more evidence has become available which tells us how we might be able to prevent or curb ADHD symptoms. youth 2436343 640

A new study from the University of Alberta states that too much screen time before the age of 5 may cause ADHD. They found that children who had more than 2 hours of screen time per day were seven times more likely to meet the criteria for ADHD. Children who had 30 minutes or less screen time each day had better attention and fewer behavior issues. The research team admits that they need to take a closer look at the quality of screen time and whether the time of day changes the outcome. They also found that children who had more structured physical activity each week were less likely to develop mental health issues. Organized sports had the most profound effect on behavioral outcomes. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) just released exercise and screen time guidelines this past week for children under 5 years old. Click here to review an overview for the varied age groups. The consensus is that physical activity should be a priority to help childhood development. There should be at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous play time each day. The guidelines were based on an overview of scientific evidence on the benefits of physical activity, the effects of screen time, and inadequate sleep.

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