Top 5 Beverages to Keep You Hydrated & Focused

Staying hydrated throughout the day has been shown to help students maintain peak performance at school. Research, conducted at King’s College in London, found that prolonged dehydration caused a decline in performance in adolescents. These were children without ADHD.  Therefore, if a student has an ADHD diagnosis, it may be even more difficult for them to push through the afternoon slump if they are dehydrated.

The following list includes our top 5 beverage picks that are best for hydration and good health:drinking water


A study in 2016 reviewed scientific evidence available on how dairy products (excluding butter) affect human health. The analysis determined that milk is beneficial to our nutritional needs and may prevent some chronic diseases. They also found that it can reduce the likelihood of childhood obesity. Plant-based non-dairy products need further research on humans to determine whether they have the same benefits.


Plain water is the best and easiest choice. You get the hydration you need without any additives or sugar. However, the quality of the water may be important. A study out of York University showed that fluoridated water may be associated with ADHD symptoms. Higher rates of ADHD diagnosis were reported in cities where fluoride was added to the public water system. Their study warrants some caution against fluoride, but the subject needs further research.


Herbal and caffeine-free teas are ideal for hydration (without adding sugar), and they often include antioxidants. There are so many different teas available.  You can enjoy a variety of choices or find one that you really love. Click here to read our recent blog about the benefits of green tea!

We know that diet plays an important role in brain health and neurogenesis. Beverages such as green tea may also be beneficial to brain health and supportive of neurogenesis.  Attend our special webinar on May 10th to learn more about the latest research in neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. Register here.

Fruit Smoothies

If you need more flavor in your life, this is a perfect solution. You can combine everything you need in one cup! However, you will want to use a lot of water or milk for your base to make certain you’re still getting hydrated and not over-loading on fruit sugars. Protein powders are also helpful for keeping blood sugar steady and preventing a mental crash in the afternoon.


This fruit might as well be considered a beverage since is composed of 92% water. It also provides electrolytes, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

Keep in mind, drinks that can cause dehydration contain caffeine or alcohol. Keep them in moderation and make certain to have a glass of water alongside your coffee or cocktails! You will need to pay closer attention to your hydration when you are sick or working out.