When Adult ADHD Affects Your Career

Adult ADHD diagnosis is on the rise.  The symptoms of adult ADHD can have a huge impact on our lives - especially at work.

Regardless of a diagnosis, attention difficulties can negatively affect an adult’s relationships, personal life, and career. Mental Health frustrated woman workNet discusses that adults with ADHD often experience difficulties in the workplace that include:

  • Concentration
  • Task Completion
  • Struggle with rigid authority
  • Have difficulties controlling emotions
  • Quit or change jobs often because of boredom

Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) looked at a study specifically regarding, Impacts of ADHD at Work. Data were reviewed from US-based studies on ADHD published between January 1990 and June 2011. During this time, it was found that "Overall national annual incremental costs of ADHD ranged from $143 billion to $266 billion. Most of these costs were incurred by adults ($105B – $194B) compared with children/adolescents ($38B – $72B). For adults, the largest cost category was productivity and income losses ($87B – $138B) (Doshi, et al., 2012)."

Additionally, it was found that ADHD employees were at risk for loss of household income, poor productivity (losing an average of 22 days a year), loss of employment, stress-induced illness, and the stigma of social rejection.

This study looked at the impact on the employees with ADHD and also the impact on the companies where they worked. The companies that employed individuals with ADHD reported the following issues:

  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Tardiness
  • High absenteeism
  • Higher error rate
  • Inability to change 
  • Lack of dependability

Unfortunately, the consequences of these behaviors included reprimands, suspensions, demotions, loss of pay and termination.

The study found that ADHD greatly impacts the workforce.  1 out of every 3 persons diagnosed with ADHD is currently jobless. This is a staggering number. This has significant socio-economic impacts on individuals with ADHD.

But how do we correct this? How do we help individuals who have ADHD live productive lives and reach their full potentials?

First, we can help create an effective work environment which includes:

  • Predictable and consistent work routines
  • Flexible deadlines 
  • Projects that allow for creative involvement

However, not all organizations are willing to make these accommodations. Even if accommodations are provided, adults with ADHD must strengthen their cognitive skills, control their impulsive behaviors and improve executive function.

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