New lullaby album sings your ADHD mind to sleep

Sleep problems are common for children and adults with ADHD. Getting to sleep can be difficult due to restlessness, medication side effects, or a busy mind. A moonsleeprecent study, funded by the National Institute of Health, found that 57% of parents with ADHD children got less than six hours of sleep every night.

Many articles recommend using background noise such as a fan, a sound machine, calming music, etc. These options might be helpful.  However, there is a new lullaby album that was created just for ADHD.

Bryan Wisda is a local resident and law enforcement officer in the Desert Foothills of Arizona. A news article by The Foothills Focus talks about how an injury on the job lead to his patented method that helps children with ADHD fall asleep quickly. His ten-year-old son struggled to fall asleep due to the side effects of stimulant medication. While Bryan was in recovery, he learned how to play the guitar.  He discovered that non-rhythmic tunes helped his ADHD son fall asleep. The article states, “Wisda researched neuroscience, music therapy, binaural beats and other sound soothing techniques to incorporate into songs for his son’s nighttime routine.” The album includes 15-tracks and is available on popular streaming services. You can see testimonials and purchase the album at The site explains that everything on the album serves a specific purpose, even the order of the songs.

Mindfulness training can also help quiet the ADHD mind and help you or your child fall asleep faster. Play Attention integrates feedback technology to improve Mindfulness and calm that restless, busy mind. Call 800-788-6786 to schedule a consultation and receive a customized training plan.