Doctors want more exercise, less screen time for ADHD students

As reported in the Montreal Gazette, a group of doctors recently published an open letter in the Journal of Montreal warning against the overuse of medication for children with ADHD. They are now proposing a different kind of solution, more exercise and less screen time. They recommended 30-45 minutes of daily physical activity. There is now a movement to mandate 40-minutes of recess time in Quebec playing

The doctors stated that studies are showing that excessive screen time can “lead to the development of symptoms of ADHD or aggravate them should they already exist. They also suggest that schools impose a ban on the use of smartphones and tablets in classrooms unless they are used for learning purposes.”

The open letter from these physicians came out after a study showed that 14.5 percent of children aged 13-17 are prescribed stimulant medication in Quebec versus 4.3 percent in the rest of Canada. A study in the US shows only 4 percent of adolescents are prescribed stimulant medications. They concluded their findings stating that the conduct of children will not be changed by drugs. Medication may work in the short-term but can have negative effects in the long-term.

CBS News reported, “the AHA recommends parents limit screen time for kids to a maximum of just two hours per day. For younger children, age 2 to 5, the recommended limit is one hour per day.”

All screen time is not created equal.  It is important to review the apps and videos your children are watching in order to better decide what is appropriate.

Use your screen time wisely – learn skills, improve executive function, and reach your full potential.

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