ADHD Overlooked in Older Adults

Recently ADDitude Magazine published an article regarding ADHD being overlooked in adults, 3 Rules for Evaluating and Treating ADHD in People Over 50Adult ADHD

Some of the reasons stated in the article include age-related cognitive changes, comorbid medical/psychiatric conditions, and psychological issues. The American Journal of Psychiatry states ADHD or ADD accounts for nearly 4.4% of all major psychiatric conditions in the US and only second to generalized depression. Adults between 50-70 with ADHD often go undiagnosed because of the reasons outlined above.

The article describes why there is a diagnostic disconnect.  Part of it is due to a lack of reliable information and data on ADHD in older populations. However, as the number of adults with ADHD increases, it is important for doctors to perform additional ADHD screenings when adult patients present cognitive issues. ADDitude Magazine provides 3 tips for doctors to evaluate older patients which include;

  1. Never Use the DSM in Isolation- meaning older adults should be diagnosed with symptom criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM v) in conjunction with an in-depth clinical interview.
  2. Question Symptom Continuity and Persistence
  3. Remember, ADHD Typically Occurs with Other Condition

If you find yourself diagnosed later in life or simply struggling with cognitive issues and executive functioning, it is not too late to start a program that can help.

Play Attention provides integrated feedback technology, cognitive training and behavior shaping to increase Executive Function in individuals whether they are diagnosed with ADHD or not. A customized program is created to help each specific individual through the FOCUS Assessment. The FOCUS Assessment is a norm-referenced computerized test of attention that you can take at home.  The test looks at different constructs of attention including performance, consistency, impulsivity, and ability to deal with auditory and visual distractions.  Once the test is completed, a Play Attention Executive Function Coach will provide a review of the detailed report that shows us your attentional controls compared to that your peers.  FOCUS provides a baseline of your current attentional control and allows us to customize your Play Attention program even further. 

The best news is you are never too old to strengthen your Executive Function!

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