Fitting Diet and Exercise into your ADHD child’s 504 Plan

52Students with ADHD can qualify for a 504 Plan at school which provides accommodations to help them be successful in the regular classroom. These are often focused around getting tasks done, test taking, managing behaviors, and minimizing distractions. However, diet and exercise can also play a role in managing ADHD symptoms, so it’s important to address these areas with your 504 coordinator.

If your child struggles with hyperactivity and restless behaviors, here are some accommodations suggested by ADDitude Magazine to encourage exercise. You child may be allowed to:

Run errands for the teacherIEP Hand out papers to students when needed
Help clean the classroom
Stand while completing assignments (or get a standing desk)
Take short exercise breaks between assignments

If your child has a food allergy, there is no question that this needs to be included in the 504 Plan. You will need a written note from your doctor about your child’s food allergies and what items must be avoided. However, if you are also aware of food sensitivities that affect your child’s behavior or attention, discuss it with your 504 coordinator and request those items be restricted at school, on the bus, and field trips. If you can get a doctor’s recommendation, this will help your case and require they implement your requests.