How avocado can improve ADHD symptoms + Sneaky recipes for fussy eaters.

avocado 1205 1917We used to be told to avoid fat when dieting.  However, we now know that there are different kinds of fats, many of which are healthy and should be added to our diets for heart and brain health. A study by Brigham and Women's Hospital found that women with more monounsaturated fat in their diets performed better on cognitive training tests than women who had more saturated fats in their diet. Avocados are one of the best sources of monounsaturated fats and often recommend in ADHD diets. 

Here are some of the best tips I found to sneak avocado into your child’s diet:

  • Mash and mix into mayonnaise for sandwich spreads.
  • Blend into fruit smoothies and add honey or maple syrup if you need extra sweetener.
  • Swap out butter for avocado in baking recipes. Since avocado has a high water content, breads and muffins will come out much softer, but turn your oven temperature down 25% (and increase baking time) since they will rise and brown more quickly.
  • Add to your favorite chocolate pudding or mousse recipe. Whipped avocado adds to the creamy rich texture and hides in the chocolate flavor.
  • Mash into refried beans, spread onto a tortilla, and melt cheese for a nutrient-packed quesadilla.
  • Puree with a food processor and blend into your spaghetti or lasagna sauce.

Most children (and adults) probably won’t like the idea of avocado in these recipes. Whether you share your secret ingredient is up to you, but many Moms have said their kids don’t notice the difference with these recipes. You might even discover a new family favorite!

Don’t throw out the pit!  As a bonus activity, you and the kids can grow your very own avocado tree!

Our Healthy Lifestyle blog is posted by Hannah. Hannah is our Executive Accounts Manager who has been part of the Play Attention family for over 11 years. She continually strives to make certain our families and professionals develop successful Play Attention programs.