ADHD and Your Finances

broken piggy bank 1472485404YoO 300x200A recent blog posted by June Silny, a contributor at Huffington Post, addresses an often overlooked aspect of ADHD. Finances, and our ability to manage them. It stands to reason that if we have difficulty sustaining attention, then our fiscal outlook might suffer. As adults with ADHD are all too aware, it is a ​struggle to get organized, stay committed, and not get derailed by all the daily distractions. Growing up with ADHD is difficult enough. As an adult with responsibilities to our bosses, spouses, and children, the difficulties can seem insurmountable. As adults, we are supposed to be the ones with all the answers. Then why is the task of managing personal finances so difficult? How can we improve this skill?

Ms. Silny, discussing a freely available ebook, points out 3 positive things to remember to help us get started.

K.I.S.S. Keep it simple. If it’s not simple, more than likely we are going to get overwhelmed and aren’t going to do it.
Use positive Self-Talk. Negativity is not going to help. All too often we are our own worst enemy, right? Stop that, say something nice to yourself and make it a routine.
Make it a Game. Finances can seem like such drudgery, but it is also the source of making our dreams a reality. Have fun, and enjoy the newfound ability to save and manage your money.

There are many apps designed to assist you. One digital app called Acorns can be downloaded to your phone. You can authorize it with your bank and debit card and whenever you use your debit card to make a purchase, at the pump, grocery store, or out to eat, the app rounds the purchase up and invests the additional amount into a stock purchase plan that you control. A few pennies here and a dollar there really adds up at the end of the month. You quickly save hundreds of dollars, and you’ll never miss it.

Another group of useful tools within Play Attention that can assist you include the Attention Stamina, Time on Task and the Academic Bridge exercises that are provided with your core system. These three activities, used together, are like a gym routine for your brain! Strengthening your ability to focus for longer periods of time, maintaining your attention until the job is done, and applying these skills to everyday tasks, can transfer to an improved ability to manage your finances.

Small but consistent amounts of time spent working on building up your attention-potential will propel your life forward. Contact your Play Attention Educational Support advisor and ask for details on how you, as an adult, can use Play Attention to create a better, more successful you!