New Study on Sleep & ADHD

Researchers in Melbourne Australia, at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), recently published a study that found proper sleeping habits may reduce the impact of ADHD, as reported by to article). Melissa Mulraney, the lead researcher says that “making simple adjustments to the bedtime routines of children with ADHD could make a significant difference.”

We can all make small adjustments to our routines. If the benefit can be an increased ability to concentrate, why wouldn’t we want to do this? As we see, after using the behavior-shaping component within the Play Attention program, small incremental steps can add up to significant changes over time. Simply making small adjustments like changing a child’s evening time diet, the temperature in the room, or the lighting in the room can have profound effects on their daytime behaviors.

“Researchers will now undertake a trial study with 300 children to establish if programs developed by psychologists and pediatricians can change sleep habits of children and alter their behavior.”

Knowing we can do something to positively change our life is one thing. It’s deciding “What to do,” that can be the hard part. Following through with these changes and being consistent can be the biggest challenge. We can start by doing small things. Our friends at Additude Magazine have published several great articles on sleep, sleep patterns, and tips to help us sleep better. If you haven’t read these, check them out.

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