The Importance of Exercise for Brain Health & Attention

Everyone knows exercise is great for the body! Its also an activity that the brain loves! 

Exercise stimulates growth factors in the brain which promotes new brain cells which keep the brain operating at peak efficiency. Just walking can boost these levels which regulates the sensation of attention. Exercise should be an essential component of your lifestyle. As a result, you may notice that it is easier to sustain mental focus for extended periods of time.

In an effort to make your workout part of your daily routine, start with something simple. Determine what you believe is the minimum amount of exercise you will deem acceptable, i.e., 15 minutes twice a week, then set a maximum goal, i.e., 30 minutes twice a week. Create a calendar so that you can input your actual exercise and keep notes after each session. You'll see your successes and most likely will not have any trouble exceeding your minimum exercise goals. Meeting the goals will make you feel good and will encourage you to stick with your exercise routine. The results of your exercise routine will be priceless. You may notice that not only has your attention improved but so has your sleep, mood, and productivity.

Its time for you to move your body great for the brain!

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