Thanks ADHD!

This Thanksgiving week, we get together with our families and give thanks for a variety of things. Many of us in the Play Attention family live with ADHD, so we wanted to know what makes you thankful for ADHD.  We polled our clients and this is what we heard:

1. I think having ADHD makes me incredibly creative - Mary, 22 a year old college student

2. My son has ADHD, and he has a huge sense of humor. He makes me laugh every day - Lilly, mom of a 14 year old son

3. I find at work I am more successful because I am able to think outside the box. Thanks ADHD! - Richard, 46 year old software engineer

4. In my practice I specialize in working with ADHD adults. I find my clients to be extremely passionate about the people and causes they hold dear - Dr. Zhang, Psychologist

5. My closest friend and old college roommate has ADHD. We have been friends for over 20 years. I treasure her quirky personality and (slightly exaggerated) stories about her life adventures - Gwen, Vice President of Play Attention

6. Although many people say the risk taking behavior of a person with ADHD is a negative. I have found it to be a positive.  I have had many more exciting experiences and traveled to more places than many of my peers - Jillian, 30 year old photographer

7. I teach gifted and talented 6th and 7th graders. Many of my students have ADHD. These students never stop surprising me with their ingenuity. When given an assignment where you only think there is one possible end result, they tend to produce results you never considered! - Roman, Public school teacher

8. My daughter and I both have ADHD. It has given us a common bond that other fathers and daughters do not have. This bond has strengthened our relationship, and I cherish that - Bill and Melissa, Father & Daughter with ADHD

9. I am an ADHD life coach. My clients are extraordinarily resilient. Life continues  to be challenging, and they never give up  - Maria, ADHD Coach

10. ADHD gave us Jim Carey, Will Smith, Lisa Ling, Justin Timberlake, Mary Kate Olsen, Cammi Granato, Josh Freeman, & Bubba Watson - The Wells Family (Mom, dad, 2 daughters, and 1 son all living with and loving our ADHD.)

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