Rise and Shine! Time for school.

Good Mornings!

Goodbye to the lazy days of summer. Hello morning madness!

With the start of school comes that morning hustle. You are trying to get yourself to work, lunches packed, homework signed, and kids out the door all in a timely manner. This can cause a bit of stress in any home. A harried morning can really affect the rest of your day. Be certain that you take some steps to organize yourself, your children, and your spouse. Create a morning that is truly a good morning!

Three days before school starts:

      During the summer months we tend to be less strict on bedtimes, mainly because mornings are much more relaxed and schedules are looser. You may want to consider starting the school bedtime/wake up routine a few days before school actually starts. Especially if your little one is hard to get out of bed. You may also want to set an alarm to start that routine. Even if you set the alarm for 9 am, you'll start establishing the routine of your child getting up with an alarm.

To take it one step further, once up have your child eat breakfast and dress for the day. This will help establish the routine before the big day.

The night before:  Everyone lays out his or her clothes for the next day.  Set the breakfast table so children can have easy access to everything they will need for breakfast.

Make certain backpacks are packed with homework and all permission slips etc., are signed.
Pack lunches.


Have a checklist for the morning routine for children to follow. Children can check off each step as it is completed.

Have specific places for items. For example, make certain to put your car keys on a rack, jacket in closet and purse on the table by the door. Be consistent. This will help you avoid looking for lost items in the morning.

Teach your child the focus and behavioral techniques necessary for learning and increase their academic performance.

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