Travel Tips

Whether you're an ADHD adult or the parent of a child with ADHD, preparing for travel can be very stressful. Organizational skills are usually not inherent for someone with ADHD; therefore, planning for a trip can be daunting. Here are some tips that can be used by adults and parents alike:

1. Make a list of items that need to be packed. This can be started weeks in advance so that items can be added as things come to mind. 

2. Many people pack more than enough clothes for their trip. Consider scaling back. If you're renting a house for the week, it will likely have laundry facilities. One load of laundry during the week will freshen clothes to be worn again.

3. Bring entertainment for the trip. Boredom during a long car ride can be a nightmare. With onboard DVD players, travel versions of board games, or a favorite hand-held device, there are plenty of options.

4. Be prepared to stop for stretch breaks. Whether you're flying, driving, or travelling by train, ADHD folks have a difficult time sitting for long periods of time. Rest areas along the highway have safe places for running around. Walking up and down the aisle of a train or plane when it's safe can be a great way to burn energy.

5. Find a routine wherever you go. Once settled in, establish a routine that fits into your vacation. Mealtime together, swim time, and chill time are all important things to fit into a vacation schedule. Since people with ADHD like consistency, establishing a routine will make the trip less stressful.

6. Be flexible. Scheduling every moment of a vacation can create the same rigidity as everyday life. Vacations should be more about going with the flow and letting the natural course of events take place.

7. Scope out where the playgrounds are located. There's nothing like a quick trip to a nearby playground to allow your energetic child to release some of that energy. Remember play time is good for you too!

8. Buy a kite. Kites sold today are very interactive. So investing in an interactive kite for the beach is a great way to keep yourself or your child entertained for hours.

9. Take your Play Attention program on the road with you! Play Attention is very portable. Take advantage of the summer months to prepare for the next school year! Call 800-788-6786 to get started!

10. Relax, Breathe, and Have Fun!