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What to do this summer?

campEineyComposite-150x150 What to do this summer? - Play Attention - turn your ADHD into SuperpowersWith your childs thirteen week hiatus right around the corner, now is the time to plan for the summer. Whether its a week at the beach, some academic tutoring, or just some well-deserved down time, planning is the key to a stress free summer vacation. 

Make a Plan Children with ADHD do much better when they know what to expect. So when you're planning out summer activities, it's best to calendar them out. That way your child has a visual on upcoming activities. This information should include any summer school, play dates, family vacations, summer camps, and your Play Attention sessions.

Get Them Involved Involving your child in planning your summer vacation. Think of several ideas and let them help do some research. Whether your vacation plans are to visit Disney Land or have a restful week at the beach, teaching your child to plan will help with their organizational skills.

Summer Camps Plan Ahead Many summer camps tailored to children with ADHD fill up quickly. Space is limited so now is the time to think and prepare. Decisions have to be made to insure that a spot is saved for your little one.

Academic Tutoring If your child needs a little extra help during the summer, now is a perfect time to get your child signed up. Many college students look for summer jobs at this time of the year. Contact your local college for students studying education. You may also have many established tutoring services in your area as well offering summer programs.

Cognitive & Behavioral Attention Training  Summer is a perfect time to involve your child in a Play Attention program. If started now, your child can be well on their way to completing the program by the beginning of the new school year. And, they'll have an advantage that will lead to success in the classroom. Take this survey and help us build your Play Attention program.

Remember when you purchase Play Attention by May 20th, 2016, you will receive a FREE 2-in-1 laptop with your Play Attention software installed and ready to begin! Call 800-788-6786 for more details.

Chill Time  Just like when adults are on vacation, children just need time to unwind. Summer is the time to sleep late, play a lot, and relax. Make sure you aren't over scheduling your child this summer. Give them the time they need to rejuvenate for the next school year.

Let's Get Outside  Exposure to green outdoor spaces can improve concentration and impulse control in children and adults. So get out there and play! Put up a basketball hoop, get a ball, and watch all of that energy be exerted in a positive way.

Start your summer Play Attention program now and be prepared for the next school year! Call 800-788-6786.