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ADHD & Meal Planning

grocery-app-150x150 ADHD & Meal Planning - Play Attention - turn your ADHD into SuperpowersMeal planning. It seems like such a simple task. We eat 3 times a day, every day. So this should be something we can all just inherently do. However, if you are an adult with ADHD, you know how difficult this seemingly simple task can be. This can lead to a lot of missed meals and fast food.

What makes meal planning so difficult for people with ADHD? If you break down this task it is very involved. You must be able to plan ahead. This is a hard skill for many with ADHD. Even though we eat daily, the inability to plan ahead causes many ADDers making a trip to the grocery store every single day. This can be frustrating and time consuming. Once you get to the store, you must be organized. Not being organized and lacking a list of items that must be purchased, leads to forgetting necessary items and more time lost. Once you do have all of these ingredients in front of you ready to prepare the meal, you have to be good at prioritizing, time management, and staying on task. If you are not good at these skills, dinner can be very late and cookies can be burned!

With a few tips, this is a task you can master! Once you master this skill, you will notice you are less stressed and able to eat healthier!

There are many grocery apps to help you with planning and organizing your lists. Check out free apps such as Out of Milk and Our Groceries. Not only will these apps help ensure you get the items you need, they can also help you avoid impulse buys which are usually unhealthy and expensive. Stick to the list!

Additude Magazine has many helpful tips for the six-step meal system to make certain dinner gets to the table:

1. Hold a family meeting. Dinnertime is the perfect occasion. Ask family members for their favorite dinner menus. Although children's preferences should be taken into account, think about the nutritional balance of each meal they suggest.
2. Create a "Top-10" dinner list. You'll cook these meals over the course of two weeks, leaving two nights per week free from cooking to order in or eat out.
3. Write your dinner menus on individual index cards, listing all of the components as well as the ingredients for complex dishes.

Read the entire plan here.

Play Attention can help you strengthen the cognitive skills necessary to plan ahead, be more organized, and stay on task. Plus when you purchase Play Attention this week, you are going to receive a six month free subscription to Cook Smarts. Cook Smarts creates weekly meal plans, cooking guides and infographics, and online cooking lessons, all designed to help anyone build a strong cooking foundation.

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