New Study: College Students with ADHD Are More Likely to Experience Significant Challenges

diversity students graduation success celebration conceptIt’s an exciting time for many graduating high school students as they plan their new beginnings at University.  All parents worry whether their child is ready for this transition, but if you are a parent of a child with ADHD you may have even greater concerns.

A new 4 year study that tracked more than 400 college students found that students with ADHD do experience significant challenges. 

Lead researcher, George DuPaul, professor of school psychology and associate dean for research in Lehigh University's College of Education, stated, "College students with ADHD are likely to experience significant academic difficulties throughout their college years, are at higher than average risk for dropping out of college, and require academic support prior to and throughout their college years.”

The researchers also found that college students with ADHD received grades that were half a grade level below their peers and were less likely to stay enrolled across semesters. 

This study may be very troubling for parents and students alike as we know these students are just as intelligent if not more intelligent than their peers.  Intelligence is not the cause of the struggle to excel and remain in college.  It seems that one of the largest contributing factors was weak executive function.   

As reported by, “Although medication did not substantially improve academic outcomes, the researchers found that there were several variables that predicted academic success for students with ADHD, including having fewer depression symptoms, possessing better executive functioning skills like planning and time management, and having received educational accommodations in high school as well as academic support services in college.”

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