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Young Girls and Young Women, Tics, and TikTok

2021 11 02 092634A viewpoint in the journal Movement Disorders exposes an alarming trend noticed by 9 international medical professionals. The viewpoint titled Rapid Onset Functional Tic-Like Behaviors in Young Females During the COVID-19 Pandemic notes,

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our colleagues working at eight different Tourette syndrome (TS) clinics globally have witnessed a parallel pandemic of young people aged 12 to 25 years (almost exclusively girls and women) presenting with the...

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ADHD & Auditory Processing Problems

ListeningIt's not defiance but it sometimes appears that way.

ADHD is not just an inability to sustain and direct attention. It often involves a variety of other cognitive problems. Attention is a critical component of processing information we hear with our ears. This process can become disrupted when ADHD is present. The ADHD person either hears only bits and pieces of the information, or sometimes the information may seem garbled like multiple radio stations playing over each other.

An ADHD child...

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ADHD & Halloween Safety

halloweenHalloween is an exciting time for all children, but your ADHD child may seem a bit overly excited during this time. The costumes, the change of schedule, the candy, and parties can all add up to over excitement, less sleep, and more impulsive behaviors.

Make certain to take some steps to keep your child safe and happy.

  • Have your child try on their costume and walk around your home prior to wearing it outside. You want to make certain there are no sensitivity issues, dangerous lengths, or...
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Can Occupational Therapy Help with ADHD?

occupational therapyOccupational therapy (OT) uses therapeutic techniques and technology to help people of all ages overcome the barriers that prevent them from doing daily activities. Generally, OT attempts to increase independence and quality of life.

Overall, the primary goal of occupational therapy is to adapt the client’s environment to fit the client. Fundamentally, each person has unique abilities, so OT attempts to modify daily tasks and environments to best serve each individual allowing them to be their...

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