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Is Adult ADHD an Epidemic?

Is Adult ADHD an EpidemicIt’s not just for children anymore 

Medical News Today reports that the United Kingdom is experiencing a surge in requests for diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults. The US has also seen a rise in adult ADHD with disparities between subgroups of race and ethnicity.

The name ADHD is a bit misleading as those with the disorder do not have a lack or deficit of attention. They do possess an inability to control what they pay attention to especially if it is...

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A Love Letter to my ADHD

loveletterIt is easy for all of us to complain about our issues, to talk about the things we don't like about our ADHD or our children's ADHD. It disrupts our lives, makes us work harder, causes turmoil.

But not this week! No, this week we are celebrating Valentine's Day, the day of love. It's time for us to talk about all the things we love about our ADHD. C'mon let's celebrate it!

My ADHD makes me spontaneous and a risk taker. I am up for anything. Therefore I have had more experiences than a lot of...

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Tired of Hearing, "I'll Do it Tomorrow"?(Then Read This Today) ADHD and Procrastination

tomorrowProcrastination is one of those areas that can be extremely frustrating to a person with ADHD. You know how to do the task, you want to get it done, and yet you seem to hit a wall every time. You may wonder, “What continually keeps me from starting?”

Or perhaps you observe this with your child. You may think, “My child is so bright, and yet he avoids doing anything - even activities he enjoys!”

Procrastination is usually attributed to one’s personality or situation.

  • You are...
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What Is ADHD Stimming and How Can You Manage It?

Blog 12According to Very Well Health, “ADHD stimming, or self-stimulatory behavior, is when a person with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) repeats certain movements or sounds. The reasons for stimming may vary depending on the person and their environment.

Stimming becomes troublesome when it begins disrupting everyday functioning or results in self-harm or injury. Coping with stimming may involve medication, teaching self-control techniques, and changing the person’s environmental...

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