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Crushing Your Goals When You Have ADHD - 5 Top Tips and Strategies

Crushing goalsSome of the hallmarks of ADHD include impulsivity, failure to complete tasks, and poor organization. All of these undermine your ability to accomplish goals.

We know that ADHD stems from poor executive function – the governor of impulsivity, task completion, and organization.

Today, we’ll discuss tips and strategies that will help strengthen executive function and crush your goals.

Set a short-term achievable goal

Both short-term and achievable are the key words here. If you recall your New...

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Young ADHD Adults and Substance Abuse, Is There a Link?

2021 10 07 104322According to an article published in Alcohol and Alcoholism, a link exists between ADHD and substance abuse.

The researchers performed a data analysis of 6872 Canadian respondents aged 20–39, of whom 270 had ADHD. Their findings were substantive.


  • One in three young adults with ADHD had a lifetime alcohol use disorder (33%) compared to 19% of those without ADHD
  • After adjusting for all control variables, those with ADHD had higher odds of developing
      • alcohol use disorders
      • ...
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ADHD and Tantrums

ADHD tanturmsTantrums are common in childhood development especially in children under the age of 5. Tantrums result from an overwhelming flow of emotions that the brain is not yet equipped to manage. So, instead of putting their emotions into words to get what they want or need, they often substitute throwing their toys, kicking, biting, screaming, or even pulling their own hair.

Emotional regulation usually develops by the age of 5 or 6 and is a cornerstone of what is known as Executive Function (EF). EF...

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ADHD Friendship Destroyer

lonely childSocial skills and building relationships can be a challenge for children and adults with ADHD.  Issues with social skills usually stem from the inability to pay attention to social cues that others take for granted. They also are challenged with impulsivity that leads to a multitude of difficulties, from hurting someone’s feelings unintentionally to acting out in a physical manner.  These challenges can cause turmoil in the school, home, and workplace. 


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