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Yes, Virginia, There Is an Adderall Shortage


The NY Times says some people face withdrawal and despair

“By the time Michael Kenneally found himself pacing outside a CVS drugstore in Cambridge, Mass., this summer, he was on a first-name basis with the pharmacist. Mr. Kenneally, 48, had been told multiple times that his Adderall prescription couldn’t be filled. For 25 days, he continued to check by phone and in person.

Mr. Kenneally had been on the medication to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or A.D.H.D., for 25 years...

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Do ADHD meds really help kids finish homework


Do ADHD meds really help kids finish homework? Maybe not, study says

A report cited in Fierce Pharma finds that medication may not, in fact, help kids finish homework. Their article is below.

“Plenty of drugmakers, including Shire and Johnson & Johnson, market ADHD drugs for children. But those drugs may not help them do their homework or get better grades at school, a new study shows.

A small study of 75 children with the disorder showed that behavioral intervention--including daily...

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Adult ADHD Linked to a Greatly Increased Risk of Numerous Heart Diseases


Research published in World Psychiatry cites a significant correlation between adults with ADHD and numerous heart diseases. It was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Brain Foundation, the Swedish Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare, and the Swedish Society for Medical Research

“We found that adults with ADHD were more than twice as likely to develop at least one cardiovascular disease, compared with...

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ADHD and Brown Noise


Science or Nonsense?

It seems counter intuitive that noise would help you sleep or pay more attention to homework. However, many studies have found that for people with ADHD, noise is a possible tool that may help them pay attention. It may even help with sleep.

While this blog will address brown noise specifically, the reader should note that there are many types of noise colors.

If you remember your grade school science class, you likely remember the mnemonic ROYGBIV for the colors of...

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