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New Study: College Students with ADHD Are More Likely to Experience Significant Challenges

diversity students graduation success celebration conceptIt’s an exciting time for many graduating high school students as they plan their new beginnings at University.  All parents worry whether their child is ready for this transition, but if you are a parent of a child with ADHD you may have even greater concerns.

A new 4 year study that tracked more than 400 college students found that students with ADHD do experience significant challenges. 

Lead researcher, George DuPaul, professor of school psychology and associate dean for...

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ADHD: Daylight Savings Time and Your Child

tired school boyThe Effect on Your Child's Circadian Rhythm

As with many ADHD adults, many of our ADHD children also experience a disruption in their circadian rhythm or sleep, due to the change in daylight savings time.

It should be noted that children and adults behave differently as a result of sleepiness. Adults usually become sluggish when tired, while children tend to overcompensate and speed up. For this reason, sleep deprivation is sometimes confused with ADHD in children. Children may also be moody...

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Your ADHD Brain on Breakfast!

breakfastWe have all heard it many times - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is especially true for people with ADHD. “If you don’t eat properly, you can become distracted, impulsive, and restless,” says Ned Hallowell, M.D.

Therefore, we should make certain we are serving up the right kind of breakfast! Simple starches and sugary cereals won’t fuel the brain and often cause a crash in energy by early afternoon.

Plan and prepare healthy make-ahead breakfasts that will satisfy your...

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ADHD In Girls

ADHD Girls

Currently, girls with ADHD struggle in the early detection and treatment of ADHD. Katherine Ellison wrote an amazing article for Additude Magazine explaining why ADHD is so frequently missed in girls and women and how we can help the next generation. Check out these great tips.

Each Gender Is Different: In today’s classroom, boys are typically diagnosed with ADHD at a ratio of 3 to 1. This is because they show completely different symptoms than the symptoms shown by girls. Boys tend to be...

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