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You Are Not Martha Stewart!

Martha stewartSetting realistic expectations this holiday season.

The holidays are important to us, we want to make them special for everyone. However, our expectations of what the holidays should be like are often influenced by media.

We are constantly being fed images of beautifully decorated homes, extravagant dinners, and perfectly composed families. We suddenly start believing this is what the holidays should be! But is that realistic? Keep in mind, Martha Stewart has a staff of about 420 people. You...

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Magic Makes ADHD Disappear!

rabbitWell, probably not, but it definitely improves the self-esteem of ADHD kids.

A study published in Health Psychology Research, and as reported on the University of Alabama website says, “[the study] is a collaboration between the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Institute for Arts in Medicine, the School of Health Professions’ Department of Occupational Therapy and illusionist and educator Kevin Spencer.

It shows the effectiveness of a virtual summer magic camp program in enhancing...

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Young Girls and Young Women, Tics, and TikTok

2021 11 02 092634A viewpoint in the journal Movement Disorders exposes an alarming trend noticed by 9 international medical professionals. The viewpoint titled Rapid Onset Functional Tic-Like Behaviors in Young Females During the COVID-19 Pandemic notes,

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our colleagues working at eight different Tourette syndrome (TS) clinics globally have witnessed a parallel pandemic of young people aged 12 to 25 years (almost exclusively girls and women) presenting with the...

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ADHD & Auditory Processing Problems

ListeningIt's not defiance but it sometimes appears that way.

ADHD is not just an inability to sustain and direct attention. It often involves a variety of other cognitive problems. Attention is a critical component of processing information we hear with our ears. This process can become disrupted when ADHD is present. The ADHD person either hears only bits and pieces of the information, or sometimes the information may seem garbled like multiple radio stations playing over each other.

An ADHD child...

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