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Does ADHD Medication Cause Unintentional Weight Loss?

2022 03 30 074832Parents are often concerned when their child loses their appetite or loses weight. Verywell Health recently reported on side effects of ADHD medication and the possibility of unintentional weight loss for both children and adults. The article was medically reviewed by Patricia Horosz, PharmD. 

The article reports, “ADHD can manifest differently in children than in adults, with children more likely to experience hyperactive symptoms. Despite this, both adults and children with ADHD tend to...

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ADHD and Menopausal Madness

2022 03 23 14011510 suggestions to help women with ADHD thrive in mid-life.

A timely article in Psychology Today addresses menopause and how it sometimes appears as ADHD. 

"Ladies, please don’t shoot the messenger when I say that menopause affects everything. E-v-er-y-thing. After we undergo “the change,” our estrogen levels plummet by about 65 percent, which then affects the uptake of dopamine from our already dopamine-deprived brains. These plummeting levels of estrogen also lead to decreased levels of...

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Are Students with Attention Problems More Likely to Cheat? The answer may surprise you

cheatResearch performed at Ohio State University reveals that students with attention problems are more likely to cheat.

“High school students who have trouble paying attention in class are more likely to admit to cheating, a new study shows.

“Researchers found that inattention led to hyperactivity in the students, and both together contributed to higher levels of cheating.

“The issue is important because many students with attention problems don’t get an official diagnosis, such as attention...

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ADHD and Hoarding - Do you have too much stuff?

hoardersA new study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research reveals that people with ADHD are considerably more likely to engage in hoarding behaviors. Such hoarding behaviors may have a negative impact on their overall quality of life.

Those diagnosed with hoarding disorders exhibit more than just having too much stuff; true hoarders often fill nearly every livable inch of space with newspapers, trash, books, knickknacks, furniture, or anything else they feel the need to hoard. This often...

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