Executive Function @ Home Activity

EF homePeople with ADHD tend to experience very strong emotions. As a result, they sometimes get carried away by their feelings and respond impulsively without considering how their actions will affect themselves or others.

Take some time today to start understanding and controlling your emotions. Improving your emotional control will in turn improve your focus, impulse control, stress management, and relationships.

At first glance, this exercise might seem to serve the same purpose as a journal or...

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ADHD And Perfectionism

perfectIt may be difficult to comprehend that ADHD and perfectionism can go hand in hand.  However, a recent article by Psych Central, ADHD With a Side of Perfectionism, discusses how the two can not only be found together, but the combinations can also be debilitating. Petersen states in his article, “What makes ADHD and perfectionism a disastrous duo is that perfectionism can exacerbate many negative side effects of ADHD symptoms.” He lists some common symptoms of ADHD that may...

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Is ADHD a Disorder? Or Something Else?

confused childAn ongoing debate exists. Is ADHD a disorder or an evolutionary mismatch to the modern day learning environment? Are certain mental disorders, disorders at all?

A recent study published by biological anthropologists ask the scientific community and mental health professionals to rethink mental illnesses such as ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.  In a new paper released and discussed in Forbes, the anthropologists, “…show good reasons to think of depression or PTSD as responses to...

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The Importance of a BFF

kids playingEveryone wants to have friends. At an early age, forming friendships allows a child to develop a multitude of skills needed throughout life: teamwork, cooperation, sharing, dealing with conflict, competition, etc.

If your children or clients are struggling with ADHD, they may need your guidance to help develop successful, long-lasting friendships. Here are some tips to help.

* Keep Play Groups Small – One or two friends at a time will allow your child to be successful without being...

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