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Your Brain on Yoga

yoga brainConsider Starting Yoga
There are so many reasons why you should!

You have heard the reasons why you should do yoga. It lowers stress, helps you sleep, improves flexibility, keeps your heart healthy, AND IMPROVES YOUR BRAIN!

Twenty minutes of yoga improves the brain's ability to quickly and accurately process information (even more so than running does), says a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

"While most exercise gives you a choice to either zone in or zone out...

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The Best Exercise to Help Improve Impulse Control

karateChildren and adults with ADHD are often caring and sensitive individuals. However, poor impulse control can often make it difficult for them to interact appropriately with their peers, teachers, or family. Impulse control is part of executive function and allows us to stop, think, and then act. Without the ability to control your actions, you might be labeled unruly, inconsiderate, or aggressive. The good news is that impulse control can be learned with the appropriate tools.

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How do I read if I have ADHD?

reading struggleThe ability to read and reading comprehension is critical to all areas of our lives.  However, reading can be especially difficult for children struggling with ADHD. These difficulties may stem from their inability to pay attention to low stimuli activities.  However, there are many other cognitive skills that are necessary to be a strong reader such as processing speed, impulse control, memory, etc.  These skills are also often weak for children with ADHD.

In ...

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Survey Says: Teens' devices are interrupting learning

Numerous studies indicate that as our use of technology has increased our ability to sustain focus and pay attention to detail has decreased.

A recent study briefed by EducationDive and published in Education Week shows that educators are weighing in on this heavily debated topic.  Educators are stating that our teens’ devices are also impeding their learning.boy in school on phone

In this study, 225 educators from kindergarten classrooms up to college professors were surveyed. 


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